Friday, October 23, 2009

1988, Dr. John Bindernagel

I have added another cast to my online library of possible sasquatch impressions. This is one of the better-known casts from the literature. Read on for details. or just click here.

Year: 1988
Month: October
Date: Unknown
Location: Strathcona Provincial Park, Vancouver Island, B.C. Canada
Found by: John and June Bindernagel
Cast by: John Bindernagel
Length: 15 inches
Width (ball): 6.5 inches
Width (heel): 4.5 inches

This print from October of 1988 was found and cast by Dr. John Bindernagel and his wife, June in Strathcona Provincial Park near their home in British Columbia. It was left on a hiking trail, and indeed a hiker's boot print can be seen in the cast itself.

When I first met Dr. Bindernagel in the late summer of 2006, he brought with him a number of other casts. Two other of his casts caught my attention. When I asked him about the other casts he had assumedly cast at the same time as the cast above, he told me that they were cast some 40 miles and a number of miles away. They were, in my opinion, obviously from the same individual, having the same peculiar toe shape and size. Apparently this individual gets around...

Dr. John Bindernagel and Cliff Barackman, September 2007

This cast is not widely traded, but appears in many publications, and rightfully so. Dr. Bindernagel is of the highest integrity, his scientific background is impeccable, and he has written extensively on the sasquatch topic. The cast itself is clean and crisp, despite the hiking boot impression. It must have been a fresh print, possibly only a few hours old, when found.

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