Wednesday, August 19, 2009

'Squatch the Vote!

There comes a time for each of us to stand up and do what's right. No hiding in the shadows, no waiting for it to go away. Stand tall, and be counted. It's one of the founding principles of our democracy. It's what makes us special as Americans, and as bigfooters.

I consider myself to be a "Pioneer of the Outdoors". Quite a strong title, yes, but certainly bigfooters in general deserve this title, and in this case I am proud to represent us all (keep reading, you're getting to the point...).

We use the outdoors for a reason that almost nobody else in the world does. We are unconventional explorers. We are visionaries. We push the envelope, both scientifically and socially. We put ourselves on the line, braving bad weather, carnivorous predators, and other dangers inherent in the wilds of North America. All this to do what? To come face to face with a real live monster. You'd think most folks would avoid that situation, but we lust for it. We crave it. We give up much for the cause.

To these ends, I call upon you, my bigfooting brethren to VOTE for the video I have entered into a contest sponsored by Columbia Sportswear. It's simply called, "'Squatchin' with Cliff", and can be found at this link. I think it's entertaining, and I also think I can win this contest with your help. I don't get much if I win (you can read the rules on the website, if you care), but I'm doing it for the 'squatch, just like most everything else I do in this realm.

When you watch the video, please be sure to vote by rating it using the star icons underneath. A rating of 5 is the best, so don't choose 1 because the video's #1! (You gotta love my sarcastic friends...)

Thanks, everybody. I'll keep you posted on the results.


  1. Cliff, I'll definitely help support your work. I watch your blog all the time; you should have your own tv show. What's the URL of your video? I'll send it to my email list. Good Luck!

  2. Cute video. You've got my vote.

  3. The URL is this:

    It's also linkable in the blog post above.

    Thanks for being part of the team!


  4. Voted.
    Posted the link on my Facebook and had many many friends *repost* it on their Facebook.

    While at the library voted on 10 different machines.

    Done deal my friend...done deal.

    Hope you're well Cliff!


  5. I thought the video was very well produced and definitely worth voting for.