Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Autumn Williams on Long-Term Witnesses

I have tremendous respect for Autumn Williams from She gave an excellent presentation at the Bellingham, WA conference where I met her. Having had the pleasure of having lunch with Autumn, Thom Powell, and Kelly Berdahl at this event, she consistently brought thoughtful topics to the discussion table, and used her field experience to intelligently support her ideas. Over the years, she has shown herself to be a diligent researcher who is in this game for the long haul. All that, and she's a witness too.

I ran across a video blog by Autumn in which she shares her thoughts on long-term witnesses (also called "habituations", though I like Autumn's term more). I fully agree with Autumn's plea for researchers to be less invasive in their research techniques, especially when dealing with repeat visitations. She, like many of the researchers I associate myself with, utilize a more passive approach to bigfoot research, always letting the bigfoots be in control.

Enjoy the video.

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