Monday, July 20, 2009


A month or two ago, I was the guest on an internet radio show called Campfire Shadows. You can read my previous blogs about the show here and here, including links to where you can hear the interview.

The hosts definitely did some homework before interviewing me, as was obvious by their questions. Not only did they mention such specifics as the "water spot", but they asked me if I get into the field much with Bob Easton.

Bob and I with a homemade birthday cake, baked and decorated by Bob.
My birthday falls near Thanksgiving, and "Happy Viking
Hats" is an anagram for "Happy Thanksgiving."

This question took me by surprise. Bob is one of my best friends for over 20 years now, but he is not necessarily a bigfooter. He is a musician and promoter in Long Beach, CA. He plays in an excellent band called Delta Nove that performs at many music festivals around the country. This year he is putting together a huge free concert/festival in downtown Long Beach, CA called the Long Beach Funk Fest (a "must attend" if you live anywhere nearby). As you can tell, he has his hands full with things other than bigfoot...

The Long Beach, CA skyline.

Still, Bob has gone bigfooting with me on a number of occasions, including my first naive attempt at 'squatching at Bluff Creek, CA back in 1994. We found possible footprints, a tree break, and some hair samples on that trip. He has accompanied me on a couple other forays into the wilds as well.

When I was asked if I had been out bigfooting with Bob, I was caught off-guard. I wasn't sure I had heard correctly (my hearing isn't as sharp as it could be due to playing in bands at loud clubs when I was younger), and it took me a few moments to get my bearings, so to speak.

After the interview, I was reflecting on the Bob question, and I remembered that I had a great photo of Bob taken at Bluff Creek from around 1995. We went looking for bigfoot, and we must have been getting close because we found a big sock.

Bob and a big sock.

Now that I'm in my 15th year of consistent field work, I thought it would be fun to take a few glances back at stuff I've done and places I've been. I have done more than my share of time in the woods and am looking forward to sharing some of my past adventures with you. I will be posting other photos from my archives soon...

...not too soon, though. Starting tomorrow I'm bigfooting in Northern California until Sunday night. I'll fill you in on the details when I return.

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  1. So who was the Campfire Shadows interviewer and how did he/she know about Bob?

    I just decided this instant that my bachelor party should be a little squatch-trip. We will need Bacon and Zotts, the Big sock and Enthusiastic loxboxbuttoxcox, Cameras and Bats of course, those Done Gone don't go, Extra Shizzle, Investigations into Macrame, Juice and Deez, and some Major Jargon. You know who you are. and the Randomly Disappeared? wouldn't that be something? doesn't even have to be before the wedding. make it happen.