Sunday, June 7, 2009

Mike Rugg, Artist and Bigfooter

I have just finished posting a new page on the website This page features the art of Mike Rugg at the Bigfoot Discovery Museum in Felton, CA. I have been blogging about Mike and the museum recently because of the BBQ that is going on at the very moment I write this. I thought it would be appropriate to post something concurrently, if for no other reason than to participate in the festivities I'm missing.

Roger, Bob, and Patty

Here are the contents of the page, directly from my website:

Mike Rugg is the owner/curator of the Bigfoot Discovery Museum in Felton, CA. He has an unrelenting passion for the subject of hairy bipeds, and has been doing research on the subject for over half a century.

As is obvious by the samples on this page, Mike is an extremely talented graphic artist. He uses computers and hand-drawn illustrations to show us what lurks in his mind's eye.

Mike is also an accomplished dulcimer musician and luthier.

The Moment

Mike's artwork is available for purchase. (I own some myself.) Here's the info on buying some:

The Moment (11x14 color)--$20.00 postpaid
Roger, Bob & Patty (11x14 B&W)--$15.00 postpaid
PayPal address is (include shipping address with order)

Here's a brief bio on Mike:

Michael Rugg is co-founder of the Bigfoot Discovery Project (BDP). The BDP accepts the subject of the Patterson/Gimlin Film as the type specimen for the Pacific Coast Bigfoot or Sasquatch and seeks to create a dialogue about the implications of the impending "discovery of bigfoot" by conventional Western science. Via the Bigfoot Discovery Museum in the Santa Cruz Mountains of Central CA, he attempts to educate the public at large about the probability of bigfoot and the current best guesses as to its habits and its place in the natural world. He is also involved in field studies as he has discovered that the local mountains have a history of bigfoot sightings beginning in the 1870’s and continuing to the present day.

As a child, Rugg spent many weekends and holidays on fishing, camping and hunting trips with his parents throughout central and northern California (his father once owned a lumber mill in Laytonville). On one of these outings (circa 1950) he saw a bigfoot. He has been collecting information and artifacts--while studying unknown bipedal primates--since 1951, when the first photos of Yeti tracks on Mt Everest appeared in Western newspapers.

While an undergraduate at Stanford he delved further into bipedal primate research and in March of 1967, he wrote a paper for an anthropology class stating that the "Abominable Snowman Question" deserved further scientific research, despite the negative attitude of his professor. Unimpressed with academe, Rugg abandoned his plan to pursue a second major in Paleoanthropology, left school, and opened an art studio next to his brother's woodshop in the Santa Cruz Mountains.

Working in collaboration, he and his brother provided creative services ranging from antique restoration to graphic arts and photography starting in March of 1969 under the name CapriTaurus. The mixture of fine and applied arts had evolved into a full-fledged cottage industry when the Rugg brothers "discovered" the Mountain Dulcimer and began manufacturing the instruments full time in 1974. Michael Rugg stayed in the folk music business until the early '90's as an entrepreneur, performer, columnist and recording artist.

Introduced to the Macintosh computer in 1985, Rugg was also working as a part-time digital graphic artist, freelancing for clients such as Apple, Atari, Time-Warner and Hallmark by the end of the '80's. During that period, Rugg split his time between learning computer graphics and stepping-up his study of the "paranormal." He attended conferences, workshops and symposiums. He joined organizations like the Society for Investigation of The Unexplained, Mutual UFO Network, the International Society of Cryptozoology and the Society for Scientific Exploration, delving into all manner of Forteana from Cryptozoology to Ufology.

In September of 2003, at the International Bigfoot Symposium in Willow Creek, Michael Rugg and Paula Yarr (his fiance) launched the Bigfoot Discovery Project.

Dr. Jeff Meldrum and Mike Rugg

Congrats to the Bigfoot Discovery Museum on what I'm sure will be a successful BBQ today!


  1. I am a new member in Klamath Falls,Oregon. I want to say I'm very glad that I've found People that are taking the Sasquatch Creature seriously! I too saw this giant Creature when I was six yrs old in Concord California at the base of MtDiablo in 1972 where my Family and I lived. Our Dogs barking frantically in the back yard wakened us around 1-2am and I climed on my bed to see out my window and saw a pure white Sasquatch standing behind our 5ft wooden fence standing still looking down at our dogs jumping up and down at him.I studied the Creature 10 to 15 mins.He was massive with very wide shoulders.My Mom finally woke my Dad and I watched as my Dad threw my 2yr old Brothers Toy Horse w/weels at the Creature's back left shoulder as it turned to it's right and faded downward behind the fence.The toy shattered.There was a very steep grassy slope down to a small creek right behind our back yard fence.The Creature stood higher then the fence about three feet.The facial features where slightly different then what I have been viewing and reading in the BFRO.It was a beautiful Creature and very massive.The size of it scared me.It did not make a mad or scarry face and It's face kept relaxed looking down at the dogs and I did not see teeth.It's face was covered with short thick white hair.All the hair I saw was white.It had a small mouth with thin lips,large eyes and a small nose.I could'nt see ears anywhere and there were no ears on top of It's head like Animals we are used to.I will write a detailed report as soon as I receive my Mom's details in the mail this week.I lost my Dad this yr but I remember his details well.I'm not sure who to tell our whole story to.Please let me know at I appreciate you all for all your hard work and info. I know what I saw and I know that Sasquatch exist. People need to take them seriously and learn with a open mind. Thankyou! Sincerely, Kristi Springer(maiden name at time of our sighting).

  2. great artwork by mike,and yes the patterson film is 100% real.

  3. A geographical correction. You were NOT in South Texas. Maybe South Central. But not South. I promise. I've been to South Texas. It's a good four to five hours lower than San Antonio.