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Mentioning Monsters in Monterey

Bart Cutino addressing the crowd

Bart Cutino, a good friend and field partner, addressed the business community of Monterey, CA on the topic of bigfoot this past week. The event was at 12:00 pm on May 28, 2009 in a conference hall at the Monterey Hyatt. In attendance were many prominent members of the Monterey business community. The mayor of Monterey was also in attendance, as was a former mayor of the city.

The talk was well-received, and several good questions were asked showing interest in the community. They were especially interested in the local sightings in and around Monterey County.

Bart was kind enough to share the outline for his presentation, as well as a few photographs.

The Search For "Unrecognized" North American Primates
By Bart P. Cutino

Introduction/Personal history with subject

1. Origins Of "Bigfoot" Name
a) 1958 media relationship built
b) Pre-1958 activity
c) Perception of consequences of "bigfoot" name with plurality loss

2. BFRO & Organizational Objectives

3. The Skeptics' Arguments
a) Where's the physical evidence?
b) Enough food resources to sustain?
c) Where are the bones?
d) Misidentifications?

4. Where's the physical evidence?
a) Unknown mammalian matching hair characteristics (Fahrenbach collection as resource)
b) Footprint cast analysis (flexion transverse tarsal joint vs. humans, explain absent heel impressions etc...)
c) Track impression distinctions (half track examples, varying push off mound, same foot, toes but exclusive tracks in comparing use typical hoaxing materials etc...)
d) Dermal Ridges (trend lengthwise along sole (esp. margins) vs. humans-- transverse across sole, healed scar tissue ridge interuptions, Chilcutt conclusion)

5. Enough food sources to sustain?
a) (Example) CA Increasing black bear population and diets
b) Predominant large mammals do fine with herbivorous/insect diet (without ungulates)
c) Vegetative food source examples/potential

6. Where Are The Bones?
a) Apex predator death hypothesis (credit Cliff Barackman) & nature re-cycling
b) Chance finds: Not A Chance (four parts to chain)
1) Against apex predator death rules to die within visual human trail/backpacking trail
2) Remains must be in state of recognition as "unique"
3) Must be collected
4) Proper authorities for processing
c) Miracle that is fossilization
1) Why fossils are rare
2) Die In water, sediment layer, per-mineralization, uplift, erosion = fossil find potential

7. Misidentification?
a) Psychology of interpreting unknown animal event into creating bipedal primate encounter
b) Black bears- time spent on hind legs
c) Hypothetical reverse psychology: if animals exist, how many brief encounters were blamed on "known" animals

8. Necessary Physical/Behavioral Attributed, Instinctual & Inherent Assets To Successfully Remain "Unrecognized" Today
a) Large physical body built for great maneuverability
b) Be inherently shy & retiring
c) Possess expected acute animal senses
d) Instinctive discretion use (including sacrifice of easier foraging)
e) Flexible/nomadic lifestyle
f) Predominantly nocturnal (when "we" are least active, need light source benefit)

9. Potential fossil candidate: Gigantopithecus Blacki & other Asian "wood ape" descendants
a) Time period & suspected locomotion/features
b) What little preserved remains & why (limestone caves)
c) Bering land bridge was 1000 miles wide/forested during Pleistocene
d) Microscopic pits in teeth may change opinion on preferred diet

10. History Of Patterson/Gimlin film
a) Confirmed post-film details
b) False recurrent media claims
c) Bill Munns latest report potential

11. Hoaxers Gallery

12. Jacobs photos (malnourished bear conclusion)

13. Olympic Project: Derek Randles, Reconyx RC60's, BFRO Olympic Mtns, WA

14. Why thermal imaging & scientific importance vs. color photography

15. Details my personal thermal sighting Northern Cascades, WA state--8/18/07

(10-minute Q & A)

Cliff and Bart in Naches, WA

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  1. Obviously Bart Cuntino didn't investigate the Jacobs creature site. A survey from an engineer at the location proved it had 22 inch arms and an 18 3/4 torso. They had all the correct angles involved and weren't guessing by looking at a picture from home. Sorry Bart, you're a great guy but that's impossible for a bear they have a body that is longer than their legs.