Sunday, May 10, 2009

Escape Artist

I just love orangutans.

Here's an article that caught my eye from the Huffington Post. It drew my attention not only because I'm an orangutan aficianado, but it reminded me of an earler post about sasquatches in zoos.

The article:

Orangutan Escape: Short-Circuits Wires, Builds Ladder To Flee Zoo In Adelaide

Karta, a 27-year-old orangutan short-circuited electrical wires and built a make-shift ladder to climb a fence in an escape attempt at Australia's Adelaide Zoo on Mother's Day, causing the zoo's evacuation on one of its busiest days.

The Independent reports:

Karta, a 27-year-old female, jammed a stick into wires connected to the barrier, then piled up shrubs, roots and debris to create a platform. Using it as a stepladder, she climbed up onto the concrete and glass wall surrounding her enclosure, where she was spotted by a member of the public who raised the alarm.

After escaping its enclosure but not quite making it out to the public, fifteen zoo employees responded and returned Karta.

The zoo's curator Peter Whitehead told the Daily Telegraph of Australia:

"She's always been a bit mischievous. She likes being a bit inquisitive," she said.

"Their nature is they will work on things and she just enjoys building things, unfortunately on the wrong day and in the wrong area."

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