Thursday, May 28, 2009

Blogtalking on 'Squatching

Yesterday was a good day. I put another layer of latex on the cast from Quinault, WA that I'm currently copying, then placed some trail cameras out at the Sandy River Project Site #2, and later had an enjoyable conversation with the folks from the Blogtalkradio show, Campfire Shadows.

The hosts (Vic Cundiff and Shane McMahon) were kind and interested, and the listening audience was supportive of my endeavors. My only regret was that it went by so quickly. I am definitely looking forward to doing their show again.

For those of you who missed the live broadcast, you can still download the podcast and listen to it at your leisure. Just follow this link and download the full 90 minute interview.

Mount Saint Helens and Cliff

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  1. Great job Cliff. Enjoyed the show the other night. Your enthusiasm and dedication is refreshing. At a time when so many come on these shows and make outrageous claims,its good to hear an honest,dedicated researcher speak the gospel. Peace brother.