Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Tastes Like Wookiee

I love seeing how the media depicts bigfoot. Many researchers take offense at their light-hearted view of the bigfoot phenomenon, taking the subject (and themselves) a little too seriously at times. The public at large already thinks the subject is a joke, so why not laugh? In the end, the joke is on them because the species is real.

I don't watch a lot of television. I don't even tend to watch the bigfoot shows, finding they are nearly always regurgitating the same tired old formulas we've been seeing since the 1970's. Yet ironically (or foolishly) enough, I subscribe to cable TV.

One of the few reasons I can find to pay for cable TV is the Colbert Report. Steven Colbert is an absurd wordsmith, poking fun at everything he can in a sharply satirical style. He even pokes a little fun at the bigfoot community, though mostly indirectly.

On the Wikipedia-like website, Wikiality, which is devoted to the truth as Steven Colbert sees it, there is an entry not only on bigfoot, but on bigfoot experts. In fact, it turns out that Steven Colbert is an expert on bigfoot experts. He has a couple facts wrong on the whole bigfoot and bigfoot expert thing, but at least he's taking a stab at this interesting subject, showing that he, like everybody else, loves the 'squatch.

For example, Steven thinks bigfoot is the largest and most dangerous kind of bear, directing other bears in their evil deeds. (He is a little hung up on his fear of bears...) Those of us who think bigfoots are primates are supposedly working for the "liberal media" to promote this propogandistic view.

While I'm not aware of Steven directly mentioning bigfoot on his show, he alludes to fictional bigfoot-like creatures fairly often. The best and most recent example is when he ate an ewok. He was driven to this gruesome act by the deceit of a viewer, but I think he was secretly happy about it. As it turns out, ewoks taste like wookiee. I thought they might...

WARNING: The following video contains scenes of graphic near-cannibalism. Viewer discretion is advised.

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