Sunday, March 22, 2009

A Week in the Life of a Bigfooter

Yesterday evening, I was invited to go have dinner in the woods. I imagine most people receive phone calls about meeting up at a restaurant with friends, but my buddies are the sort that suggest cooking a meal on a fire and doing some wood knocks. (If only I could find a woman with the same priorities...) So, two good friends and I drove up to Memaloose Road where possible tracks were recently (February 22) found in the snow by a couple ATV riders (this was posted to Bobbie Short's website). Well, the food and company were great, but no bigfoots showed their presence, visibly nor audibly. Our vocalizations kept a nearby owl interested in our activities, and who knows how all the Estacada teenagers dealt with the noises we were making. It's so nice having super squatchy areas within an hour's drive of my doorstep! I had not been out this way for several weeks, and was very pleased to find that the snow has receded dramatically.

Memaloose Road

I recently spent several hours photographing my bigfoot cast collection on a uniform background for the casts database on my website, After I was done, I realized I was missing some, including the Skookum Heel, the larger Titmus cast from Hyampom, the left foot from Laird Meadows, and a first generation from the Green Swamp in Florida. I realized that I gave away my copies as gifts, and hadn't yet poured a replacement from the molds I have made. Ugh. I guess I'll have to set up the lights and such to do another round of photographing. Just when I thought I was done...

1982 Grays Harbor, WA

I pulled some game cameras from a property near Mt. Hood this past week. Unfortunately, there were no bigfoot photographs on the memory card, but I learned a little about windstorms. It's hard not to learn about something you have 1,984 photographs of. Well, actually a couple photographs were of a neighbor's horse that keeps messing up the property boundary's fence, but most of the pics were of the windstorm. Hopefully I'll have better luck next time.

A fantastic opportunity has now presented itself due to this property owner's awareness of the subject. He has recently purchased another property a short distance away from where his brother witnessed a sasquatch this past summer. There is a manufactured home on the property, which is vacant due to drywall work currently in progress. Only two weeks ago, a contractor returned to the property after hours to pick up a tool that was left there. The contractor got the tool, but was astounded at the stench of the area. Being a bear and elk hunter, he compared the odor to something like a terrible smelling elk, but not quite. Whatever the source was, he had never smelled anything quite like it, and it scared the willies out of him. (A contractor without his willies is not a pretty sight!) He hightailed it to his rig, and left immediately. Well, a vacant property with spooky odors is right up my alley, especially when it's pushed up next to a creek with a history of sightings. I will be putting my cameras on this new property in the very near future.

Tomorrow I leave for a week-long bigfooting extravaganza. I will be visiting the Olympic Peninsula in an attempt to gather data on bigfoots, and the Olympics are probably the best place to do so in the continental United States. I will deploy all the technology I can in hopes of one of the furry ones making a mistake and sneaking past one my camera lenses. On a side note, I will also be trying my hand at steelhead fishing, which is entirely new to me. Growing up in California, I know all about ocean fishing for tunas and yellowtail, but this PNW fishing is a whole different gig. Still, fish are fish, and I have to start somewhere. Besides, walking the creeks is an excellent way to find footprints, which is my main goal in this endeavor. An eight-pound steely is my secondary objective.

This past week, a good friend in Idaho sent me some funny menus from a restaurant chain named Elmer's. The menus feature a bigfoot called Furley Woodswalker. So here we have a combination of bigfoot, Mr. Furley, and a pale reference to Skywalker (a stretch, I admit, but I'm always looking for connections). Star Wars, Don Knotts, and bigfoot, all wrapped up in one entity? I've died and gone to 'squatch heaven.

Thank you to everyone who has been reaching out to me through the website. I am really having a lot of fun with this project, and appreciate all the help that has been given. If I can help you in any way, or if you can help me, feel free to let me know via the "contact/volunteer" link on the website,

Until after my trip, take care, and get into the woods and bring us back something to look at. Data not shared is the same as not having any data at all!

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