Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Whistle While You 'Squatch

Most bigfooters have heard of Dsonoqua, the Wild Woman of the Woods, frequently depicted on totem poles throughout the Northwest. She is most often shown with her lips pursed, as if whistling, and in fact her legends specifically mention her doing just that. I believe, as do many others, that Dsonoqua is a mythological depiction of a sasquatch. Native Americans incorporate more common animals into their mythologies and legends, so it makes sense that bigfoots are woven into this rich cultural tapestry as well.

Dzunuqua - Wild Woman of the Woods, 2007
Bill Henderson, Kwakwaka’wakw Nation 

Few recordings of bigfoot whistles have been obtained. I managed to record whistling in Northern California near the Siskiyou Wilderness Area in 2006 (click HERE to listen). The "Sierra Sounds" recordings obtained by Ron Morehead and Al Berry in the Sierra Nevada Mountains of California in the early 1970's are by far the most widely known. They have been analyzed by Dr. Lynn Kirlin from the University of Wyoming who found that these peculiar whistles could have been produced by the constriction of the vocal track, as well as the lips.

When I saw the following article, I was intensely interested. I was aware that bonobos are excellent whistlers, but I was not aware that orangutans also had the ability to produce these sounds. The article not only touches upon the orangutan's ability to whistle, but also on the idea that apes can mimic sounds produced by other species, which is widely reported in the bigfoot literature. Bonnie's (the orangutan) ability to produce whistles could also shed light on the development of language in the human species.

If bigfoots are Gigantopithecines, as has been widely hypothesized, this is even more pertinent to us bigfooters. It is thought that Gigantopithecus is more closely related to orangutans than the African apes.

Native Americans would tell their children to not whistle while walking in the forest at night unless they wanted Dsonoqua to take them away. When I go bigfooting, I often walk in the forest at night, and make it a point to whistle. I would, of course, love to have Dsonoqua come and take me away, but more importantly, I want to draw the attention of any nearby bigfoot. They might think I'm one of them, until they see me. Hopefully, once my cover is blown, the bigfoot would want to try to drive me out of the area with a terrifying territorial display. With a little luck, I'll come back with a thermal video of the encounter, if I survive the initial heart attack.

Click here to read the article and to see video of Bonnie the Orangutan whistling.


  1. Linguists believe that one of the first human languages was Xhosa (from Africa) which includes sounds like whistles and clicks as ways to communicate. It is thought that the language developed with these sounds to enable hunters to communicate via long distances. So, it is very interesting that other primates may be doing this as well.

  2. I was a witness to an incredible song, by a Sasquatch..although only perhaps 20 yards darkness, there was no mistaking the volume and skill. It exceeded any human I have ever hear (even those Champions) and as loud as a gray parrot can be ...the song went on for perhaps one minute.I can't be sure, as my world stopped..I was along camping and just put out my left over food at a creek...and had myself been singing quite uninhibitedly...moments prior. That event started.. well a lot more going out to that site..but it also exceeds any whistle I have heard or seen on the net in association with great apes..the spontaneous Orang samples..just whimpy... Nope, the only ape I have heard even approach this level of skill, and mimicry (the song included many, many different bird calls all strung one after the other..with melody in their order and a cacophony/crescendo..and final was a special doubt!) is us..modern humans. I think the Gicantico theory is all but dead for any great ape line..perhaps A. boiesi..some how didn't come to an end 1.2 million years ago..and ended up as Sasquatch..but, I think it is more likely Homo erectus..became Sasquatch..given the skeletal morphology..and ancient genomes. In fact the Red Deer Cave people of China..alive 11,000 years ago are a real candidate for me. Erectus were variable.that we know..from bigger than smaller and seem to have spawned several hominin lines.... Neandertal even... are all more likely candidates for Sasquatch than the great apes.. Denisovans.. the things is..if you look at the overall witness reports (combine them all..not just those 1500 Green summarized by Farenbach) and the overall picture is a bi-pedal..(no apes are bi-pedal..just aren;t..and Gigantico..unknown.speculation at best!) something like us...and it does explain a great their intelligence. Don't you think there is a similarity in our tracks..midtarsal break aside? (How big is Shaq's print?) I read recently almost 14% of humans prints leave a mid line flexibility.... interesting..and of course..that big toe in line with the other four..happens way you really have the Boisie line... or us.. IMO.. just my 35cents... They whistle better than us.... they have hands like ours, feet like ours, and so on..if it walks and quacks like a probably is a duck. I am happy to share my evidence if you ever have time..or you can read a good deal of it in apehuman. Thanks for your blogs and analysis..some of the best...and I hope this posts helps.

  3. I whistle as well, mostly tunes that come into my thoughts as I'm working around in camp or hiking back into the woods,It's our music( humans) that we make with out use of a physical instruments.

  4. Cool, Cliff, to record the rare whistle. Thanks also for the knock, I don't get to hear authentic recordings of those too often.

  5. Cliff, What is a person was exceptionally dedicated and decided to go to a "hot spot" in Oregan/Washington area and just lived quietly there as long as it took. I mean perhaps as long as 1 year. If they had video camera, would not that be the way to "prove" existence?

  6. I have what I feel are bigfoot whistles that I recorder this month in Siskiyou county@ you tube bob busby bigfoot whistles . Take a listen and tell me what you think. Found what I think might be a shelter yesterday

  7. I have heard whistling at night in remote area of Colorado. More complex than the recording. Other events occurred on that trip. Yep. It's true. Just a comment about what the author said, I wouldn't recommend whistling to attract it. My experiences have ruined the outdoors for me. I'll be hard pressed to go camping again, unfortunately. Ignorance is bliss.