Saturday, February 14, 2009

Everybody Loves the 'Squatch

Valentine's Day is here, so allow me to muse about the lovability of the sasquatch. Following are my top ten reasons to love the 'squatch. I'm sure your list is similar.
10. They're cute and cuddly. Think of them as huge teddy bears. Cuddling up to one of them would be an excellent way to keep warm on a cold February night, if you could get over the stench.

9. They challenge the boundary between "human" and "animal". To me, this boundary is a fuzzy grey line at best. Some folks have an urge to draw a distinct line, presumably to hold onto human unicity. That's a distinctly 19th Century viewpoint, but old paradigms die slowly.

8. They're funny. I love the campy movies and humorous depictions of the 'squatch. It usually doesn't take anything away from the real animal, and heightens the public's awareness.

7. They are really closely related to us. That sentence seems a little incestuous, but you know what I mean. We will learn a lot about our own species by studying this other one.

6. Trying to study them puts the researchers in some of the most beautiful places on the continent. There's no place I'd rather be than the 'squatchiest place I can find.

5. They play hard to get. Due to my social awkwardness, I don't particularly like this in women, but it keeps me chasing...

4. The other bigfoot investigators. The people I meet that are interested in the bigfoot thing tend to be very interesting individuals. By "interesting", I mean one (or more) of these: smart, funny, weird, eccentric, artistic, unapologetic, enthusiastic, self-assured, or blissfully unaware that they have any of the previous traits (probably the strangest trait of all).

3. Their existence (should) keep us humble. I love that these things really are out there because it shows us our own hubris. "We would know about them by now" is a frail argument often used by skeptics. This argument only shows the naivety of the skeptic. Personally, I find it refreshing to know that there are still mysteries in the world. The bigfoot mystery has been thumbing its nose at skeptics for decades.

2. They keep me learning. In order to increase the chances of me filming a sasquatch, I try to read as much as possible about primates and North American forest habitats. I love to broaden my knowledge because it helps me better appreciate the beautiful world I inhabit.

1. They're real, biological entities. Duh.

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Happy Valentine's Day

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  1. LOL.....I'm going to show this to my son, he'll get a kick out of it!