Saturday, January 3, 2009

A New Year, a New Blog

With the recent birth of my website, , I thought a nice addition to what I'm offering would be a research blog. So, here goes...

While in Southern California for the holidays, I visited with my good friend Wally Hersom. Besides just being a great visit, I took the opportunity to take a photograph with Wally's life-sized statue of a bigfoot that adorns the entryway to his home. I had only seen photographs of it up to this point, and I was blown away by the details and sheer size of this artwork. The chest girth is huge, it's hands are like dinner plates (the thumbs are anatomically correct, based on the hand casts that are available), and the idea that I'm trying to get close to one of these things makes me think that maybe I am nuts, as some others have suggested... Oh well. The sculpture was created by artist Michael Porter, with help from long-time bigfoot investigator Derek Randles. Michael's other work is phenomenal in its artistry and realistic depictions of wildlife. He will be featured prominently on in the near future. Michael and Derek's company website for their artistic creations can be found here:

Shortly after returning home to Portland, OR, I was called by a good friend who had made contact with a property owner on the Olympic Peninsula who has been having repeated visits by a possible sasquatch. The property owner reported possible footprint impressions, eye shine, branch breaking, and frequent vocalizations. My partner and I visited with them on 12/31/08.

We arrived on the property before dark, chatted with the property owners, and deployed eight game cameras on and around the location. We proceeded to do wood knocks (with no replies) and vocalizations. We received return calls to our vocalizations, which are very possibly canine. The four hunters who witnessed the return calls unanimously claimed that it wasn't a coyote, but could not rule out canine as the source. There were no homes in the direction of the return call, and the animal progressively got farther away as it vocalized over the next 15 minutes or so. The recordings are available on in the sound recording section.

I retrieved my cameras two days later, and my partner's cameras will be deployed for two more weeks. My cameras only showed what we already knew by tracking in the area, which is that there are many deer nearby. The picture above was taken with a Reconyx RC60. The deer hung out for quite some time, which might support the "Wally Effect" that has been hypothesized by the BFRO.

While visiting on the Peninsula, I went to the Sports Authority store in Silverdale, WA. There is an original bigfoot footprint cast on display that was cast by an employee and her father nearby. I photographed the cast, and it will be added to the footprint database as it develops. Here is a picture for you fellow cast geeks that can't wait...
I will be updating this blog as I do more field work. Please feel free to check back often for updates, and please visit to see how it is developing. Any suggestions would be helpful, and if you feel that you can lend a hand, feel free to contact me at .


  1. very cool Cliff! Keep me in the loop. I like what you've done here.

  2. Wow Cliff! I liked your recordings. The call from Shelton Wa and the one from Devils Ridge Or are close to what I heard near Naches Wa. Christine Kevin and some of the others thought that it was an owl. One thing I think that researchers sometimes forget is that these creatures copy a call from an animal within the environment in hopes of drawing it in. I heard short whoops as well and Ive never experienced any sound like that in any habitat except possibly a zoo when you go to look at the apes.
    The next night some of the I was watched by one Squatch as the others talked around the fire. I got some eyeshine up near my car on the same night too. I got the feeling I was being watched earlier so I chose to break off from the group in hopes of seeing something.